Monday, May 22, 2017

Darkness, My Haiku Poem, and More

Darkness feeds my soul,
It protects me evermore,
Which brings me comfort.

We're living in a place,
With much chaos,
In case you didn't know.

The enemy is all around us,
For we're in such times.

There are those who claim to have the light,
Yet they wish nothing more,
Than destruction upon us!

I too love the light,
But my light differs from theirs.

I love going on walks with my wife,
In the warm sunlight,
Feeling the warmth of the sun,
Or reading or writing by candlelight,
But like I said,
My light differs from theirs.

I believe it's time to put an end,
To those who wish,
To dump,
Their garbage upon us!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Under the Moon Light and My Today's Haiku Poem

Throughout the darkness,
This Witch is going to fly,
Under the moon light.

Under the moon light,
I'll transfer my soul once again,
Into the black Magick woman,
My friend,
The crow.

Flying high,
I'll glide,
Watching the people below,
Through her eyes,
Somewhat like I've done before.

Once landed,
I'll take form,
Back into the man I am,
Walking throughout the dark City lights,
Until I reach home.

But before I do,
Those who have witnessed what happened
Turn away in great fright,
For they've never seen,
A Witch,
Quite like me!

If you'd like to read my similar post to this, you're welcome to visit "The Crow Flies at Night"

Magick is all around us, one just needs to be still, in order to see!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

What's Holding You Back

What are your fears, is it the fear of the dark, what others have told you, you need to fear, ghosts, the fear of, what if, or what's been written in a book.  Why not embrace such fears, is this not the way to overcome.  If one keeps running from their fears, I can guarantee you; your fears will always be there.  This doesn't mean one should put their hands in a fire telling themselves I'm not going to fear, that's just plain stupidity, a true lack of common sense!  I used to have a terrible fear of the dark, until one night I laid in a tub with a towel placed at the base of my bathroom door to the point that I couldn't even see my hand right in front of my face.  Now I love laying in the dark, standing, walking, or sitting alone in the dark, for such darkness brings me great comfort!

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Woman Vampire of the Night

Note: This is my second post for today.

"A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night"

This is a movie I watched quite some time back about a Muslim young woman who was a vampire, which cleaned up, A SCUM, off the streets that was a very cruel pimp who sent woman there for his own sexual pleasure and money in his pocket, little did he know, he'd come into contact with such a woman as that, that did her own business, her own way, that put his business, and him, to an end!

If you don't like putting up with other people's garbage, I recommend this movie for you, for it's A MUST SEE!

My Yesterday's Meeting

I had a meeting yesterday with an important person.  When I walked into her office wearing my poncho with the hood, she said when I first walked in, she felt a bit frightened at my appearance.  I told her, that's the intention, to get one's blood boiling!

After our meeting before I left her office, I remarked, it looks somewhat Witchery doesn't it, we both laughed, and she told me to have a good night, furthermore, telling me she's always happy when I stop by.

Little does she know, I'm a Witch, or perhaps she could feel my Magick when I stepped in the room?

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Naked under the Moon

In my younger days, well, actually . . . nights that is.

I tiptoed out from where my mom and I stayed to one of my favorite places out in the woods that had a river nearby.  When I arrived, I disrobed all my clothes standing naked under a full moon.  There was much magic in the air all around me as I felt its breath caress my skin.  There seemed to be thousands of bats flying overhead but, I wasn't concerned, all I knew was the magic that engulfed me, while I stood naked under that moon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Souls in the Wind

Here's a story I wrote in the year of 2015 when the weather was quite cold:

The other night I was outside in the cold winds that seemed to be screaming out the voices of souls that had no place to call their home.  Oh how awful it must be not having a form to take hold.  As my heart went out, the winds died down, but then raged again.

If only I could have had some comforting words to share.